Muscles are not calculators and “muscle hypertrophy” dose not happen because you lifted a weight for 8 to 10 Repetitions.  Following a routine and stopping at a certain repetition because it said so on paper or an app, is not going to produce you fast gains! 


Forcing your muscles to do more - each and every time you hit the gym is the only way to ensure your muscles are working harder than before, thus stimulating growth! - Aided by a good healthy high protein diet.


There is a plateau to how much a muscle can lift - But you have to get there, and routine will help you get a lot closer to heavier weights in super fast time! 


More Reps, More Weight!  This routine ensures you do more every time!  And the more you do, the more you stimulate your muscles to grow! 


This Routine requires you to achieve:  Momentary Muscular Failure - which is the point at which no more reps can be performed with perfect form, due to complete acute exhaustion of the muscles required to complete additional repetitions.



This is a formula for logical WORKOUT PROGRESS - More Reps and More Weight!  And I don’t have to tell you that if you’re lifting more weight and doing more reps you will make bigger and better gains!


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